The Challenge

Design a content-first blog and service site that’s easy to maintain for the client and offers fast page-loading speeds. We also needed to implement an effective SEO strategy to grow organic traffic to the site.

The Results

We developed a light-weight website on WordPress that provides hassle-free content management. A simple yet contemporary design with a priority on optimization ensures less than 1 sec page loading speeds. Additionally, our comprehensive SEO strategy increased organic traffic from an average of 2,500 users/month to 11,000 users/month in just one year.


Yearly Traffic Increase


Faster Page Load Speed


New Leads Received

“With Google’s adoption of Core Web Vitals, your website performance, including page load speed, is even more vital to growing organic search traffic. ”

Alex Edwards

Marketing Consultant

Fast Page Loading Speeds

By designing a site with a priority on page load speed, Getting You Hired was able to improve their site experience for visitors and in turn improve their Google Search Results ranking. In addition, faster page speeds load meant they had more page views per session and improved opportunities with third-party advertising partners.

  • Integrated site with Cloudflare for significantly reduced server response times

  • Streamlined code and removed unnecessary CSS and Javascript

  • All image files were reduced and optimized for faster loading speeds (WebP)

  • Included in-line fallback text fonts and critical CSS to reduce “time-to-first-paint”

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